Act 4

Look through Act 4 and find at least two examples of Juxtaposition in the play.

Try not to use the internet to help you this time.  See what you can find on your own.

Explain the meaning of the lines you have selected and how the juxtaposition works to create meaning. (i.e. the juxtaposition adds humour or deeper meaning…)

Once everyone has posted their answers, I will approve them and you will read each other’s and respond to at least one other person’s.



As will all of your blogs, this will be marked out of 10 for your initial response and 5 for your reply to another student.


Total marks:  15


link to modern text Act 3.3

Act 3Romeo and Juliet Response Question

After reading Act 3 Scene 2 it is clear the future for Romeo is up in the air.  Using the original/plain text translations that I have handed out today, answer the following questions:


1. describe your opinion of Friar Laurence.

2.  DO you think he is a good advisor for Romeo?  What from the text would give you that indication?


3.How much influence do you think the Friar has on Romeo?


4. Do you think Romeo is mature enough to know what he is doing, getting married and being in love?


5. What do you think Romeo would have done without the Friar’s  help?


6. After responding to this post, take some time to Respond to another person’s post.   A good response will agree or disagree in a constructive fashion, and will ask questions.


THE Prologue

Leave a comment explaining  your interpretation of the Prologue.

Consider including the following.

-what themes you believe will be developed in the play

-do you see any literary devices being used?

-what do you think star crossed means.